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Now With A Renewed Focus On WordPress

Get the help and advice you need. Get started right on your WordPress blog or website. Ask the Wiz and get the answers you need. WordPress is the best choice for most bloggers and website users. If you are an author, coach, entrepreneur, online retailer, service provider, or other online business professional WordPress could be for you. Nearly 1 in 4 of all websites on the Internet and over 60% of all content management systems utilize WordPress. Do those people know something you don't? Let me help you determine if WordPress is for you. And if it is, let me help you find the right path.

They Said The Internet Would Be Easy...

Computer FrustrationEasy? Really? Are you kidding me? A Level Playing Field? C'mon!
Websites. Social Media. Search Engine Optimization. It seems to takes
so much time! And it only seems easy when you already know how!

Do You Find Yourself...

They Said WordPress Would Be Easy Held back by confusing and unfamiliar terminology?
They Said The Internet Would Be Easy Feeling lost with so many different software choices?
They Said Social Media Marketing Would Be Easy Stressed by the constant stream of new things to learn?
They Said Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Would Be Easy Unable to keep up with unending updates in technology?

Don't Wait A Single Minute More...

Rev. Stephen B. Henry - Steve/Wiz - WizardsPlaceThey Said The Internet Would Be EasyThe Internet really is easy to use but, like so many things, it is easy only if you know how! At WizardsPlace, we make it easy right from the start because we do the hard stuff for you. The technology is explained. The confusion eliminated. We teach you or we do it for you. It's all about helping YOU get it right for YOUR business."

Let Me Show You Exactly How...

"Whether your need is for a personal blog or business Internet use, let me help you get it right. My name is Steve and I have been building successful online businesses, and helping others with their online problems, for nearly 25 years. I know what works and I know what doesn't. And I want to share what I have learned with you. Most of all I want to give you access free of charge. WizardsPlace is one place you can count on for help."

"WordPress is a robust, feature-rich, easily deployable, content management system (CMS) website solution with integrated blogging and more optional functionality and support than any other system in use today. If you can think about a website, chances are you can build it with WordPress, and with little or no custom coding necessary. Right out of the box WordPress is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. With the right theme, plugins, and configuration, it can handle just about any task you could realistically expect a website to handle -- and then some!"

Don't Just Take My Word. Look At Some Of The Major Players Who Chose WordPress!

WizardsPlace Is Here For You. C'mon In...

Let me show you the right way. Contact me for personal assistance.
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