You will find lots of posts and pages referencing "recommended page builders", most of them for WordPress, but this is my personal list. I'm not about to argue with you which is the best page builder because not only is "best" a very subjective word even though it might sound absolute, there are just too many applications for page builders to really come up with an all-round best. Is it best for developers? Best for designers? Best for user experience (UX)? Or best performance? You can go on and on. These are simply the ones I like and which I recommend to my clients. The rest is up to you!

Pootle Page Builder

This is my preferred page builder when using Pootle Press 18Tags (free or pro) theme. The free version is quite good and the pro version is exceptional. Both interact closely with the theme.

and finally, a You Tube playlist of 46 Videos about Pootle Page Builder.

Elementor Page Builder

For other than 18Tags theme, I really like Elementor. The free version is adequate for general use and the pro version is spectacular.

* I provide Pootle Page Builder Pro along with 18Tags Pro Theme for many of my clients.

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