Social Media Partners – Who’s On First?

There was an old Abbott & Costello routine called Who's On First -- it was quite funny in its day; some say one of the funniest comic routines of all time. It's old. And it may not translate well into modern times. That's OK. But you still need to examine who's on first and what's on second or you will surely find out you don't know anything about third! The right players, your social media partners, can make the whole social media overwhelm thing so much more manageable.

Who Are Your Social Media Partners?

When it comes to social media you want to have your bases covered. But how can you possibly do that when there are so many social media platforms with more coming along, it seems like, every day of the week! The answer is as straight up as it gets: make sure you have great social media partners.

Social Media Partners - Chapters To Go
The Home Page Crew - Courtesy of Chapters To Go

It is all but impossible for the individual home-based business owner, coach, creative, heart-centered business person or solopreneur, to cover all the bases when it comes to social media. While you can hire it done, get a virtual assistant, or even grab a gig from someone on Fiverr, having selected social media partners that can work with you is the best answer.

Social media partners are good for seveal reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The don't cut into what may be your limited budget.
  • You can exchange a little time promotiong to get promoted.
  • They can cover the social media platforms you don't.
  • You only have to cover a small number of platforms.

Working as a team, you keep all the bases covered, each posting on your own selection of social media, referencing your own items and those of each of your partners as well. You can acknowledge each others posts as well, which can result in more engagement as others more readily follow suit.

It's not rocket science. It's two time-tested concepts, barter and sharing, that allow you to extend your reach (and your engagement) significantly while only increasing your effort a small amount. It is cost effective and time efficient and everybody wins. That seems like a good deal to me.

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