How Safe Is That App?

There seems to be a head long rush to get every latest app for cell phones, to make them available for every online task imaginable. Some suggest cell phones will replace desktop, laptop, and notebook computers for accessing the Internet. There are already more cellphones with Internet access than there are personal computers. There is a downside to this rapid move, however.
In the computer world there has been a long chain of development in the security and anti-virus field. Reputable software sources are well known as are the risks and repercussions of using less-than-reputable sources. This is less developed in the smart phone app chain. Everyone and their brother knows someone who makes or distributes apps. There are more sources, more easily found, than the neighborhood pusher.
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But how safe is that app? How safe is your smart phone. You use it to access email, your bank, your website control panel? Are you opening up passwords, or even more, to hackers and others who will abuse what they obtain?
There is currently a rush to join app creation and distribution companies as affiliates. There is even one new MLM company that is building its future on a new communication and marketing app. Who are these people? Do you know more than the press release information passed from one excited recruit to another? Who is producing the new app? How safe will it be?
Oh, it must be okay because they are a reputable, well-financed, professional organization. Really? Who says? Did you actually check? These days it doesn't take a lot of money to set up a web presence, produce a few slick marketing videos, or even hold a hype-fueled sales rally in a small hotel somewhere in San Francisco, Los Vegas, Dallas, Miami or New York.
I understand that many want a crack at being part of the new Amazon, Amway, facebook, or Apple, and there are opportunities that claim to be just that every day, especially in the app arena. When it comes to your smart phone, however, a device you will use to access your bank, pay at checkouts, and hold your passwords, you certainly want to be sure the app you are using is from a truly reliable source.
And, if you are picking up your latest must-have app from a friend or a free offer on a website, are you sure of the source? You know your friend but do they really know the cool game or latest diet app they are recommending? How reliable is the place it is actually coming from; not your friend, the company or person promoting it online?
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