Facebook – Is It Your Online Presence Foundation?

I don’t know if you are all following the news these days or not. It is a pretty tough slog. But there is some information you should probably have if you are using facebook (or any major social media platform) as your primary online presence. You might have missed this. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 50 Billion Dollar Stock Loss It has been reported, and is apparently true (I’m open to counter information, but not alternate facts!), that facebook stock has fallen significantly over the Cambridge Analytics reports relating to the Russian meddling in our last presidential election and the harvesting of over 50 million facebook users’ personal information. That drop has resulted, I’m told, in something approaching 50 billion in lost stock value. $50,000,000,000 lost is significant in anybody’s book. I’ve often said that facebook could easily be next years My Space or Angel Fire. And if you don’t know who those are, you just make my point. At one time they were each the biggest game in town. They still exist, but you don’t hear about them much. My tip today is quite simple. Own your work. Control where people find you. Have your own online address that doesn’t rely on anyone else. Get your own domain name and website today. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and you can fully develop it over time. By doing it right it won’t matter if today’s biggest players are tomorrows fondly remembered. You will be free to build your business on the social media sites of your choice without worrying if people will know how to find you later. Don’t put it off. You never know who, or what, the next giant killer will be!

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Facebook Stock Drops Amid Cambridge Analytica Scandal – Daily Mail (UK)


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