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This page outlines my facebook group rules and you should read this entire page before requesting admission to any of my facebook groups. Of course, facebook has its own extensive set of rules and policies that affect your use of the social media giant as a whole (you should read those). These rules are a simple addendum that applies only to the groups I operate, manage, and administer.

I really don't like rules at all and I wish I didn't need these. The people that take the time to read them probably don't need them anyway and those who need them never read. Blah! But at least I don't have to feel bad when I ban a spammer from the group!

Since some of my groups get as many as 50 requests, or more, per day I don't have the time, nor the interest, in researching every person who asks to join. In most cases I simply ignore those who don't have the word more in their time on facebook (see the "more or less" rule below). That may not be fair but it has cut spamming by over 90% and, for me, that IS fair!

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Facebook Group Rules

  1. I am not very tolerant of those who break or ignore these rules. In some cases I will remind or warn, but mostly I just ban. I seldom restore those that have been banned though you can always ask.
  2. All of my groups are for English language posts only. That fact that you don't know English and can't read this rule makes no difference. There are no second chances on this one. Post in a foreign language and you will be banned permanently.
  3. Post on topic only. The reason I have set up so many groups it to break them out by niche or topic so there can be more focus within the group. Any post in a group needs to be on that specific topic. Posting about WordPress themes in the WordPress plugins group will result in being banned. Yes, they are both WordPress but the title, and nature, of the group is specific.
  4. Start new topics in their own thread, not as a comment to someone else's thread. Comments should be about the original post or another comment in the thread. Starting a new topic as a comment will get you banned.
  5. I do allow, indeed I encourage, self-promotion, advertising links, even affiliate links, in most of my groups. If not, it is clearly stated in the pinned post (No second chances for those groups!), but those promotional posts, comments, or links must be on topic for the group. If it's relevant, feel free to share it.
  6. When found, I immediately ban spammers. Posts of nudes, sex videos, and the usual childish junk that some people think is cool to flog to the groups, and sales/promo posts for off-topic items like sports shoes, sunglasses, and saris, will result in permanent banning.
  7. The more or less rule: Over time I have found that most spammers have very new accounts and typically little on their own facebook page. Facebook let's me know how long a person requesting access to my group has been a member on facebook -- not the exact time, but grouped as: less than 5 days, less than a month, more than a month and, more than a year. If yours isn't "more" you won't likely be approved. If you still want in, PM me and ask.
  8. It should go without saying, groups are about sharing, learning, helping, participating. There is, however, no obligation to post, so don't feel presured. Those who hang out just to read what's being posted or who come to find ideas, information, or help in the threads, are just as welcome, just as significant to the group success, as those who post. Good members are always welcome whether you post or not.
  9. Interaction should be civil. It's okay to disagree but don't make it personal. We can all be wrong without being stupid. We can all make mistakes. Typos and misspellings, while they may be pointed out for the sake of correction, are not life shattering, earth-bending, occurrences. Take a deep breath. Get a life. Or whatever is required. Be calm and move on to the next post.

Having this single page of rules for all my groups means I can easily update them in one place. And there will probably be updates so check back from time to time. Your comments are welcomed below...

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