Content: Why It Is Crucial for Your Website

There is one sure-fire way to to find success online and it is both easy and basic to implement. Simply make sure you have an abundance of content on your website. Without it there is really no reason for anyone to visit your site and what follows is why this is so crucial for your website or blog success.


Your content is the single biggest value you offer prospects and visitors to your site. Each time a new visitor comes to visit your site, they are looking for one thing. They are looking for information and your content is that information they are looking for.

Now, you do not have to provide this in the form of articles or reports. You can provide audio or video content, or even snippets of text in the form of tips and quotes. There is a huge variety to the type of information your website can offer so consider offering the type of content that your audience best responds to. Make sure it fits your business goals and provides value to your visitors and prospects. Material like that will keep them coming back.

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Content is what search engines look for when they are indexing your site. This text is how they know what your site is about, and it is also how many of your website visitors find you. They type into their search engine the keywords or the words that describe the information they are searching for. The search engine provides them with a list of website results that match their search terms. They click on one or many of these results and they end up on your website. None of this would happen without the indexed words from your site.

Sales and Profits

Regardless of your business model, your writing helps you make money. Subsequently, it follows that content helps you establish credibility and authority with your visitors. And it follows, this gives them confidence to buy from you. Doing so also helps you establish your brand. It helps prospects like and trust you. Again, this is a buying trigger. Of course people buy more often from people they like and trust.

Your words also help persuade and when you present information that offers value, your visitors can make an informed decision. Additionally, when they find they can solve their problems based on the guidance and solutions you provide they come back for more.

How Much Content Is Enough?

Honestly, as long as your information provides value and supports your goals and your visitors, you can never have too much. Create a plan that adds to your website on a regular basis. Stay in touch with trends, hot topics, your customers’ needs and problems, and you will find the focus for adding more content.

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how much information you have to have on your site. Create your content plan to help you meet your goals. Each page or post you publish should have a goal and a purpose – even if the purpose is simply to inform.

Create a plan that matches your visitors’ needs with your own budget, time and goals. If you want your website and business to succeed, make sure to include adding quality content on a regular basis as part of your long-term strategy.

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Stephen B. Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard, the Coach's Coach, or just the Wiz, is an author, web developer, small business consultant, and personal mentor. Steve earns his entire living online, providing business, technical, and online presence planning and support to small business owners, spiritual practitioners, online marketers, and other solopreneurs, including those who work from home. With a focus on permission marketing and heart-centered business, Steve works closely with, and cares about, each of his clients. He can be reached by email at

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