Yay! You found your way to my fifth episode review of The Partridge Family! The Partridge Family Episode #5 originally aired on October 23, 1970 and is called “When Mother Gets Married”. I actually don’t remember this episode from when I used to watch as a kid. It’s about the Partridge kids worrying about their mom when she starts dating an old friend. They think he’s a playa when they see him with another girl. They assume the worst. Accusations are made, feelings are hurt, Chris is adorable, Shirley is sexy, Laurie is skinny, and everything works out in the end. It’s interesting that none of this episode was shot in the Partridge house. The family was on the road and living out of a hotel. FYI, TV Guide featured The Partridge Family on their cover for the first time the week this episode aired.

The show opens with Shirley Jones looking just gorgeous. She’s whining about being around a bunch of rugrats and how it’s nice to finally be able to hang out with someone her own age. She tells her kids how she ran into an old friend in the lobby and how they’re going out to dinner. Jeremy Gelbwaks has some lines and delivers them wonderfully. I really wish this Chris could have stayed around. I’m definitely a fan. Suzanne Crough (Tracy) had a few lines but they were kind of mumbled and she does the Jerry Seinfeld smile when she talks. She was a cute kid though.

Suzanne Crough Ztams Teen Pinups and Magazines
Suzanne Crough AKA Tracy Partridge

The Partridge Family Episode #5 Cool Trivia

Why is Susan Dey (Laurie) holding her stomach when she’s standing there talking to Shirley after her date? Is it because she’s uncomfortable in her pajamas? Does her tummy hurt from not eating? Is she worried that she looks fat? I hold my stomach like that too, but I am fat.

FYI, the actor playing Shirley’s beau Larry (John McMartin) is actually a good friend of the Cassidy’s. He portrayed David Cassidy’s father on another TV show. He is the godfather to Shaun Cassidy and also played his father on a TV show.

The song they sing in The Partridge Family Episode #5, I Really Want To Know You, was also recorded by the Cowsills this same year. I think this is the only episode where they have The Partridge Family writing on the bass drum head of Chris’ drum set instead of their bird logo.

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The Partridge Family singing on stage!

They show Shirley drinking AND gambling in The Partridge Family Episode #5. Yay! I don’t gamble but that’s because I’m a germaphobe and all gambling seems dirty, but I do like to get my drink on. Woo hoo!

The kids are worried about their mom and talk about her behind her back in the dressing room. They talk about how she missed an entire rehearsal and was almost late for a show. What a loser.

I like how Danny stumbles on his line, “But let’s be realistic”. Was he already drinking way back then?

This episode shows sexy Dave Madden shirtless in the shower and then again in the sauna. He and Danny have incredible chemistry and perfect comedic timing together. I enjoy their scenes.

What the hell is up with Jeremy Gelbwaks’ belt when he’s talking to David Cassidy about Larry and Shirley getting married? Why is it off to the side? Was that a fashion back then that I’m unaware of?

Keith and Laurie see Larry in the jewelry store hugging a young lady. Oh no! Is he cheating on Shirley? No, don’t be stupid. The girl is his niece. It’s also Jaclyn Smith in one of her first TV roles. Another Charlie’s Angels by the name of Farrah Fawcett was also on The Partridge Family (episode two).

How come when Larry calls Shirley from the lobby, he asks for suite 374 but when they show the door it’s room 510? Oops.

Shirley and Larry talk outside the kids’ room so that they can purposely overhear them. Larry asks Shirley to marry him. She says no because she doesn’t love him. The kids feel better knowing they’re not the reason they won’t get married…..but they really are the reason. And that's my take on The Partridge Family Episode #5.

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The Partridge Family Kids!