I am always glad to hear from you. You can contact me in any of the six ways below.

contact the wizard by email1) By email: thewiz@ourhutch.com

Email is the preferred method. I will always get back to you as quickly as possible. Put "WIZ" in upper-case letters as the first part of your subject line and follow it with a representative subject.

join the Wizard's Place facebook group2) Join Our facebook Group: Click Here

Wizard's Place on facebook is an open group you can join by requesting access. You must join in order to post but you can read other posts by just visiting. It is a place for discussion of all 'net topics.

contact the wizard by regular mail3) By Regular Mail: Slow, but reliable!

Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD.
1521 North Adams Street,
Hutchinson, KS. 67501

contact the wizard by phone4) By Phone: 620-322-1352 (Text Only)

Please call any time. I am in U.S. Central Time (Kansas) I am a real person, not an Asian call center, so I am not always here. Send your text (only) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

contact the wizard by skype5) Skype: wizard_mithrandir

Between noon and midnight U.S. Central Time (Kansas). I don't always keep my Skype active so just because it says "off line" doesn't mean I'm not there. Schedule a Skype call by email or text message. Include Skype account name.

contact the wizard by comment form6) Contact Form:

You may also use the contact form below. If you wish a reply please be sure to include your email address. (Spammers: Your IP address is recorded and SPAM entries are automatically filtered so you are only wasting your time!)

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