Sometimes you need tech support within your GoDaddy account. This may be for a hosted WordPress website (we do not recommend using GoDaddy for this) but more often it is to set nameservers for a domain you have registered though GoDaddy. GoDaddy has made it easy for you to give someone limited access to your account without having to give them your own username and password.

The images below are screen captures of the process of delegating access to someone to your GoDaddy account.

First, login to your own GoDaddy account and then either click on your name (it should show your name, not mine) at the upper right or pull down the menu associated with it and select Account Settings. This will take you to your My Profile page. Select the Account Settings menu (top, second from left) and select Delegate Access. That will open a page much like the image below.

WizardsPlace Delegate GoDaddy Account Access

Click the green outlined Grant Access button in the panel on the right which should open the form shown below.

WizardsPlace Delegate GoDaddy Account Access

Fill in my name and my email address as shown, and then select the service access you wish to delegate to me. In most cases this will be the Manage Products option. The Manage Products And Purchase option should only be chosen if we have discussed me handling purchases within your account on your behalf.

Once you have completed these settings, click the green Invite button which will enable GoDaddy to send me an accept link by email. When I complete that process I will have access through my own GoDaddy account to work on only the indicated areas within your site. You can rescind this access at any time from within this section of your account. In neither case will I have access to your credit card or bank information which you may have provided to GoDaddy within your account.

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