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Yoast SEO Update November 2015

I got a great question yesterday and I thought I'd share it and the answer here today. Yoast SEO came out with another update this week and it has left a few people scratching their heads. In their effort to make things better, cleaner, and more efficient, the people at Yoast have excelled as usual but, if you're one of the head scratchers you may need to read this post to get the down low on this week's Yoast SEO Update...

So, the question I got was, "My Yoast meta thingies are missing after the update. Do I need to purchase the premium version to get them back?" and the answer is no you don't, because they are not really missing.

Yoast SEO Update In Pictures

OK. It's more than pictures. But the sub-title sounded so cool. So here's a screen cap of what the general screen of Yoast SEO looked like before last week's update:

WizardsPlace Yoast SEO Update Original

And here is what the new version looks like:

WizardsPlace Yoast SEO Update New

As you can see, they have re-organized the content (some does seem to be missing) and moved the Christmas tree page analysis lights to the bottom of that same screen. This means you don't have to keep flipping back and forth between them to check on your progress.

WizardsPlace Yoast SEO Update Detail

As with so many things, and this Yoast SEO update is not different, the devil is in the details. As shown below, the meta tags and the URL are now edited right in the visual display area. Just mouse-over the item you want and it highlights and displays a pencil icon to the right. Click the pencil to begin editing. Click outside the field to end the editing process.

Gotta love updates and the better they bring. Sometimes. Gotta love getting all green in the Christmas tree. Always!

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