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Are You Kidding Me???

I don't often point out mental deficiencies in others because I struggle with enough demons of my own but, sometimes, I just have to. This is one of those times.

I received an email today that started out like this:

"Do you know that Word press (sic) wasn't actually designed for internet marketers?

"It's true. If it wasn't for plugins none of us would make money from our blogs because the default installation of Word press (sic) is plain AWFUL for marketing."

The message went on to promote a report on top selected plugins that, supposedly, everyone must have. And it provided a link. That link, one would think, would be to the report or, more typically, an optin page for the report. Nope. It's a rotating redirect to a number of different affiliate promotions, none of which seem to have anything to do with WordPress or plugins.

Where the mental deficiencies of this particular email marketer come in, besides not being able to correctly spell WordPress, is the general premise that, out of the box, WordPress "is plain AWFUL" for anything.

It would be like saying a car isn't designed for driving on the road because first you have to put rims and tires on it! Or a kid's backpack isn't any good because you have to put your own books in it! Or a package of Jell-O isn't any good because you have to add water... HOT water, even! Or a computer isn't any good because you have to add software to use it!"

Are you kidding me? Of course you have to add plugins to WordPress to make it good for any particular usage niche. That's the way it is designed. Plugins are an actual part of a full WordPress website. Do you know what the other three major parts are? There are four, in total. Of course, if you just want a blog, use it straight up.

It's not the craziness of this idiot's post. It's not even that this marketer unfairly maligned WordPress. It is, rather, that many people will believe what is said or, not fully understanding WordPress, think it's not a good choice for them when, in fact, it may well be the best choice they could make. I guess it takes all kinds. Too bad the Internet gives a voice to that kind. But then, I'm sure someone thinks the same thing about me. ::sigh::

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