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How Safe Is That App?

There seems to be a head long rush to get every latest app for cell phones, to make them available for every online task imaginable. Some suggest cell phones will replace desktop, laptop, and notebook computers for accessing the Internet. There are already more cellphones with Internet access than there are personal computers. There is […]

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brute force

Brute Force Password Attack!

There is currently a massive attack on WordPress sites going on all around the world. Nearly one hundred thousand different servers, most of them hijacked, are running a script that methodically works through possibilities for usernames and passwords in order to gain access to administration accounts on WordPress sites. Because of the number of servers […]

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Graphics, Pictures and Images

Graphic image files can come in many types. The file extensions typically designate the graphic type. Here are some of the more common file extensions you might encounter on the Internet: .BMP Windows Bit Map .EPS Encapsulated Post Script .gif Gaphic Interchange Format .IFF Amiga .jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group .MAC MACPaint .PCX Zsoft Paintbrush […]

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Quality vs. Quantity

It’s an old concept, balancing quality against quantity and the argument over which is better continues. Is it better to sell billions of hamburgers or serve the best burger in town? Is it better to sell millions of automobiles yearly or just a few dozen Ferraris? If quantity was the undisputed winner then there would […]

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Online Photo Editors

When it comes to working with graphics you can buy expensive packages like Photo Shop, or struggle with the limited capabilities of included packages like Windows Photo Editor, or even work your way through the learning curve of open source, freeware, or shareware programs like the Gimp or Irfanview. The easy alternative for many is […]

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Definitive Encyclopedia of Marketable Words

From the stories I read as a child to the technical tombs I refer to regularly in my current work I have always thought of books as my friends. I’ve read hundreds of books. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many. I owned a book store once and sold thousands of books. I’ve also […]

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