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Squeeze Pages, Landings, and Optins. Oh My!

The terms squeeze page, landing page, and optin page, are tossed around quite regularly. In general they all refer to the same thing, a page, usually set up as the first place a person lands on (landing page) when they come to your site, often in response to an off-site offer of some type. The page is designed as a path, or funnel, to channel, or squeeze (squeeze page) site visitors to, and through, a registration process where they have the option (optin page) to sign up for some item, service, training, membership, etc.

Creating these pages, also called sales pages, has become an art and, although they can be crafted individually using basic HTML and a few graphics, the number of gurus, coaches, and Internet marketers, wanting to use these pages on their websites, has out-stripped the capacity of readily available HTML coders. And most of the users don't know how to code a sales page on their own.

Open the door for ready-made, out-of-the-box, solutions. In the WordPress world this means plugins and themes that offer a quick, easy-to-use, no-HTML-needed, fix. And there are a number of these solutions available today.

At the top end, both in price and size, there are three market leaders. Best known is Optimize Press. Originally a WordPress theme with built-in functionality, and now in its version 2 release, it is now available as either a theme or a plugin. The latter can be used with most existing themes giving more choice for the end user.

Second on the list might be LeadPages. This is an online service that allows you to generate (and host) landing pages, or create copies that can be dropped into a WordPress website.

And perhaps in the number three position would be Profits Theme. Lesser known than Optimize Press, it is much the same concept, a theme with built in landing page creation functions, and well worth a look.

There are others too. Premium plugins like Authority Pro or WP-Optns, and a variety of free solutions available through the WordPress plugin repository. The problem with the free choices is not that they aren't good but, often, they are abandoned when the programmer loses interest and moves on to other things.

Suraj Sodha had posted a video on You Tube (shown below) comparing the two leading commercial landing page creation system, Optimize Press and Landing Pages.



Of the myriad of other choices available, one that I rather like is WP-Optins. It is a standard WordPress plugin that drops a squeeze page generator into your WordPress website and seamlessly interfaces with the Dashboard page builder. It does what it needs to do without trying to be all things to all people. It also puts the function where it belongs, in a plugin, not a theme.


WP-Optins is a powerful commercial (premium) plugin that sells online for $47.00 however, as a reader of this site, you can have a copy installed on your WordPress website by the Wiz for just $25.00 -- just click the link below to pay through PayPal.



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