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WordPress Management Basics

Keeping WordPress core files, plugins, and themes updated and keeping a recent backup copy of your database and content files is foundational to good website security and function. But, the Wiz knows, you have other important things to do. Time just slips by. Something goes wrong and you don't have a current backup. The Wiz can fix that.

Silver Update Backup WordPress

Wiz's silver level Update Backup WordPress service package ensures your core files, plugins, and themes, are regularly updated to the latest versions with the most recent bug fixes and security corrections. On-site and off-site backups provide a recent backup in case of hacking, virus infection, or catastrophic loss.

The program includes an initial in-depth site review and report, monthly site checks, regular automated backups, extra manual backups before and after core file, plugin, and theme updates. Emergency backup restoration is included. Up to one half hour of maintenance, system evaluation, plugin selection and/or installation (does not include price of premium themes), theme selection and/or installation (does not include price of premium themes), design consulting, and other related service is included monthly. [Back]

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