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Facebook Checklist – 10 Keys To Social Media Success

Facebook continues to grow across most demographics. It is widely used by many target groups and can be an effective tool to grow your personal audience, and ultimately your sales. Use this Facebook checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step as you plan and implement your own Facebook marketing strategy.

10 Point Facebook Checklist

  1. Choose a Facebook name that is consistent with your business. Customers will be able to easily identify your business Facebook page and profile.
  2. Create a vanity URL that I can use to promote your Facebook page. Your vanity URL, example Facebook.com/yourbusinessname, is professional, consistent and apparent to your customers. (Go to Admin panel, Edit page, and Update info to set your Vanity URL.)
  3. Design and brand your Facebook page with current photos, your logo, and other images that represent your business. Your cover photo and header image are correctly sized, professional, and relevant to your business. Your tagline is present on your Facebook page.
  4. Create an "About" page that embraces your company brand, voice, and communicates current and relevant information about your business.
  5. Create a goal for your Facebook page and social media marketing activities. Build and implement a plan to use Facebook to:
    • drive traffic to your site.
    • provide valuable content.
    • promote/sell products.
    • build your opt-in list.
    • other: __________.
  6. Establish a message for your Facebook page that supports your goals for Facebook marketing. This message supports your brand and is authentic. This message is engaging and provides value to your friends and followers.
  7. Create a content schedule that provides a steady and consistent flow of valuable content that supports your goals and message.
  8. Set aside time each day so that you can consistently connect with potential prospects and build your following while still building your business and reaching your marketing goals. For example, set aside fifteen minutes two times each day to share, comment, and post. Schedule at least one post for each day of the week.
  9. Integrate Facebook with your other marketing tactics including:
    • blog posts.
    • website content.
    • email signature.
    • marketing program.
    • other social media.
    • other: __________.
  10. Leverage available technology and automated as much of the process as possible, but without losing personal engagement. For example, your weekly email newsletter is automatically posted on Facebook as it is being sent out to opt-in subscribers.
  11. Create systems to test and track your Facebook marketing results. You should be testing for and tracking:
    • content.
    • delivery/posting time.
    • clicks.
    • subscribers.

    And measuring your results as they relate to your specific Facebook goals.

Facebook can be a useful tool to connect with your prospects and begin to build a community around your business. Create your message, follow through, track your results, and be present to engage.

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