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100 Things Every Business Should Do To Succeed Online

My next ten blog posts will at total of 100 things every business should do to succeed online. When it comes to building an online presence my clients often tell me they have no idea where to start. Often they have no idea what to do at all. These 100 items provide what I believe is the best place to start. Get these in place and you will have a solid foundation from which to build and grow your business.

Getting Started Right

While there is no guarantee you will succeed online, these one hundred things will help ensure you at least have a fighting chance. They are basic things. Most of them are easy things. But many of them are often overlooked. So even if you are well on your way with developing your online business you should take a moment to look at each of my next 10 posts.

My posts will cover the following topics:

  • Brand Decisions
  • Finances/Start up
  • Domain/Hosting
  • WordPress Customization
  • Word Press Security
  • Facebook Checklist
  • Twitter/Linkedin
  • Plan your Offer Funnel
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel

Your Website Choice

You are using the WordPress self-hosted content managment system (CMS) for your website, right? You do have a website and blog, right? A website and blog will be foundational to your online marketing efforts. Social media, on its own, just isn't enough. And, in my opinion, WordPress is the best available choice for most website needs today.

Not sure about this? Check out some of the tutorials on the WizardsPlace Free Stuff page.

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