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10 Twitter And LinkedIn Success Questions

Both Twitter and LinkedIn serve different audiences and purposes. However, for the sake of efficiency, I am combining these success points as many of the steps are the same or similar across both platforms.

Ten Twitter And LinkedIn Success Questions

  1. Have you created your Twitter profile? your profile should include your name, your location, and a short bio or statement about you and your business. It should also include a link to your blog or website.
  2. Have you customized your Twitter background with your business logo or an image that is relevant to your business?
  3. Have you created your LinkedIn profile page? It should include:
    • a lengthy summary about you and/or your business.
    • your contact information.
    • references/recommendations/endorsements.
    • a recent and professional photo.
  4. Have you created a goal for both your Twitter and LinkedIn social media marketing activities? Commit to use them to:
    • drive traffic to your site.
    • provide valuable content.
    • build your opt-in list.
    • establish credibility and authority.
    • other: __________.
  5. Have you established a message for your Twitter and LinkedIn activities that supports your goals for each site? This message should support your brand and be authentic. This message should be engaging and provide value to your friends and followers.
  6. Have you created a content schedule that provides a steady and consistent flow of valuable content that supports your goals and message? This content schedule includes searchable hashtags for Twitter content. For LinkedIn, consider answering questions or joining groups and providing content for a unique and specific audience.
  7. Have you set aside time each day so that you can consistently connect with potential prospects and build your following while continuing to build your business and reach your marketing goals? For example, set aside time during each day/week to post unique and valuable content.
  8. Have you integrated Twitter and LinkedIn with your other marketing tactics including:
    • blog posts.
    • website content.
    • email signature.
    • email marketing program.
    • Facebook activity.
    • other: __________.
  9. Have you leveraged technology and automated as much of the process as possible? For example, schedule Twitter posts in advance using HootSuite and link those tweets to your Facebook page.
  10. Have you created systems to test and track your Twitter and LinkedIn marketing results? You should be testing for:
    • content.
    • delivery/posting time.
    • clicks.
    • subscribers.

    and measuring your results as they relate to your specific LinkedIn and Twitter goals.

Both Twitter and LinkedIn have unique audiences and can help you build a community, increase awareness and ultimately build your business.

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