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Sofia Says Sexy Goals – I Agree!

Sofia Pacifico over at The Coach Social Media Lounge https://goo.gl/IzMDV8 says you need to have "SEXY" goals. I attended one of her presentations a while ago and she got me thinking about social media and, in particular, Twitter. I hadn't really been using Twitter all that much. I had about 700 followers. So, late in December, I decided to put some effort into Twitter and grow my followers. Just for reference, I was typically getting about 50 people per day visiting WizardsPlace.

Sexy Goals 30 Day Twitter Results

So, here I am about 30 days later, deeply indebted to the friend that helped me, and I have approximately 10,300 (yes, over ten thousand!) followers. These are real, one-on-one, individually contacted, real people followers, not just the aunts, uncles, and cousins with fake accounts from a bunch of people working in a call center in Bangladesh!

Sexy Goals
Sexy Goals + Determined Action = Positive Outcomes

I was getting about 2000 impressions per month for my tweets previous to this push. I thought that was pretty good. Last night, around 9pm, I began a new process of structured tweeting and by 5am I had nearly 8000 (7991 actually!) impressions. That's in just 8 hours! I guess 2000 in a month really sucked! Also, my site traffic jumped significantly. Yesterday was almost 120 and today is on track to surpass that.

I'll be posting again to update on this as 30 days is really a short time for anything significant to happen. My goal, by the way, is 100,000 real followers. And if you should be interested in a program like this for your own twitter account, feel free to contact me. Friend me before PM or your message might get buried in the "Message Requests" folder. I don't always remember to check that.

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