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Hutchinson SEO on WordPress

Hutchinson SEO is a small search engine optimization company with a big reach. We are located in Hutchinson KS and we serve SEO needs of clients around the world. Hutchinson -- Hutch, as it is affectionately known to its residents -- is a small city in south central Kansas. While their are three cities named Hutchinson in the U.S., and seven companies competing for SEO business in Hutch, a Google search for Hutchinson SEO will typically show our company in at least the first spot on page one of the SERPs. Why is that?

Hutchinson SEO Key Google Factors

You might think that good SEO requires some mystical magic formula applied in secret under the cover of night in order to appease the Google gods. Certainly some SEO firms attempt to convey that senerio, or at least something much like it. They don't want you to know their secret formula and they will confuse you with buzz-words and talk about cryptic algorithms and secret sauce.

While there is an element of secrecy involved -- no one but Google knows the full algorithms (program formulas) they use to evaluate and index web pages in their search database -- the fact is, good SEO is really pretty basic. Most SEO companies don't want you to know that. They feel it will cut deeply into their business. We don't feel that way.

In our case, it certainly helps that the term Hutchinson SEO is embedded in our domain name. Some suggest that is the holy grail of search; getting the search term in the actual domain name. Sorry to burst that bubble. It does help but it is actually a small factor. There are many more important things. Over 200 things, actually, and most are more important than the domain name.

Hutchinson SEO Uses WordPress

If you don't know anything at all about SEO, then the first thing you should do is choose WordPress as your website platform. WordPress just happens to be a very strong contender for SEO ranking, right out of the box. If you do nothing else to deliberately forward your SEO positioning, except choose WordPress, you are already several steps ahead of the competition using some other website platform.

WordPress is crafted with good SEO in mind. A number of the key elements of good SEO are built right into WordPress and are enhanced by just adding content. As you build your pages and add blog posts, your content naturally supports good SEO practices as it is displayed by WordPress. Sure, you can do things wrong that hurt, and you can do things right that improve, that positioning but, on average you come out ahead just through the use of WordPress.

Content, Back-Links, And Plugins, Oh My!

Good content is always important. Develop a thematic approach and stay on topic as much as possible. Becoming the authority in your niche by providing authoritative information builds trust with your potential clients and improves your SERP results. It's win-win.

Back-links -- links on other sites pointing back to your site -- help to. A link like this, the best Hutchinson SEO experts are found at Hutchinson SEO, provides a link from this site to a page within the Hutchinson SEO site. People clicking that link are taken to the Hutch site. The link is seen by Google as a vote of confidence in the Hutch site by this site, and the resulting traffic is also measured by Google. That's all good and improves ranking.

WordPress, by design, also makes it possible for functional enhancements, called plugins, to be added to the site to improve upon core features and functionality. Plugins like Yoast SEO, or All In One SEO, improve your ability to use standard SEO functionality within WordPress -- things like meta tags, document titles, and such -- and test, show, and teach, you how to construct better SEO-friendly posts that will lead to better indexing.

Hutchinson SEO Wins With WordPress

We chose WordPress for out site because of its ease of use, solid performance, excellent support, available features and extensions and, not least, its great SEO functionality. You should too!

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