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I work with a lot of eager young web developers and ecommerce start-ups from the Indian sub-continent and Asia who wish to build web development or other online businesses of there own. They see themselves building successful businesses selling into the American marketplace. The one thing that stands out in almost every case is they have no idea about selling to America. They need help with marketing, with getting customers or clients, and they need to know how to package their products or services -- and themselves -- for the American market. Is this you?

WizardsPlace Selling To America Program Virtual Classroom Instructor

You are eager, intelligent, educated, and ready to make money.
But does the question "Where do I begin?" sound familiar?

This continuing program includes:

  • Understanding the nature of the American marketplace.
  • Preparing yourself to present your business professionally.
  • Learning how to be found; how to market your business.
  • Accessing the right people who actually want what you offer.
  • Mastering the language of sales and business in America.
  • Creating the look -- a brand -- for your products or services.

WizardsPlace Selling To America Online Classroom

Join me today in my new Selling To America program. I have made it affordable but I haven't cut corners on content. You will find personal training, group Q&A sessions, and self-study materials including recommended reading, classes, tutorials, courses, videos, podcasts, and a variety of downloadable materials. Offered in the American market, this program could sell for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. I'm offering it to you for a very modest price.

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Learn how to expand your online business to reach global markets, including the huge and lucrative American marketplace. Selling To America will tech you how. Sign up below using your PayPal account (you should have one!) or standard credit card. After payment is approved you will be returned to our private facebook group. Request to join* and you will be added to the Selling To America program.

Just One Payment Of US$297.00 US$47.00
Act Now And Save US$250.00

Inform Educate- Entertain Engage Steve Henry WizardsPlace Coach Mentor WordPress Wizard

Stephen B. Henry, WordPress Wizard, Coach's Coach, Instructor: Selling To America

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Join Me Today. Learn How To Sell Into The American Marketplace.

*Note: Please request signup to the Selling To America facebook group, only after you have paid for the program. Otherwise you may be banned from the program permanently.

Payment by PayPal (or Visa/MC through PayPal) only. You agree that, due to the nature of the content immediately available in this program, you will not request refunds or make other charge backs. There can be no guarantees or returns. Instruction is delivered through several means including live stream video, audio and video recording playback, downloadable PDF (and other) files, email, and in a private (closed) facebook group. You must have an email and facebook account and you should have a webcam with microphone (or suitably equipped smartphone) to participate in live events. Feel free to contact Stephen B. Henry by email (thewiz@ourhutch.com) or by facebook PM or Messenger.

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