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There is a flood of free eBooks on the Internet. Most of them are very poor quality that won't even be useful as a lift under the baby in the highchair! There are some good ones, though. We've searched far and wide to find the best. Some we've acquired for free and some we've had to pay for the re-distribution rights. Either way, the eBooks listed here now (and many more to come) are available to both members and non-members free of charge. Membership, of course, includes access to many more books, videos, ezines, and other publications.

Top 100 WordPress Plugins
Top 100 WordPress Plugins

The ad says "Here's The TOP 100 MUST-HAVE Plugins To Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A MEAN MACHINE Today!" and then they ask you for between $7.00 and $27.00 for this free ebook, or they want your email so they can send you scads of emails you don't want. How's that for trust and permission marketing? Well, here's your opportunity to get your copy of this great little list of useful plugins completely and absolutely FREE... not even an email address!

Successful Marketing Plan
How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan

When you have a business, it is important to be able control the narrative of your product. You will want the product to have a positive image in the minds of consumers. It is up to you and your company to come up with a message that will convey what you feel the product is all about. Doing this is not an easy task. This 40 page ebook (PDF) will give you a good start on the process.

Using Video on Your Websites
Using Video on Your Websites

As internet is becoming the most extensive medium of communication, well focused and future oriented companies realize the potential of the interactivity of the online medium and hence they are spending millions of dollars on online marketing. Video truly levels the playing field and allows you to compete head on with the biggest in your market. Click the image to open/download your free copy of this informational ebook.

Government Copyright Office Seal
Copyright Notice

Circular 3, Copyright Notice, from the U.S. Government copyright office provides information about the various forms used in placing a copyright notice on your work. Things have changed and, not surprisingly, much of the gossip on the subject floating around the Internet is wrong, or only partially right. Get the scoop right from the proverbial horse's mouth so you can be sure you have it right for your own publications.

Guide to a Successful Meetup
Guide to a Successful Meetup

In March 2009, Will Petz started the "Adventure, Activities and Random Events" Meetup Group, also known as "Random Events". In 2 1/2 years Random Events reached the 7,000+ member level, held 200+ Meetup Events, and holds a 5 star rating given by its members “event seekers”. This guide explains how you, too, can create a successful Meetup Group.

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