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NLV – December 10, 2015 – Sally Milo On Branding

Join me and my guest presenter, Sally Milo of Milo Designs, this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Sally will explore the use of logos and graphics in branding for your online business. Attendance is free and there will be time for Q&A as well as networking so have your business promotion and contact information ready to share with others. Looking forward to seeing you there! Get the link inside...

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Branding Sally Milo Designs Online Presence Prespectives

Sally Milo On Branding - Logos & Graphics The Right Way

Let's let Sally tell us in her own words:

Back in the day (early 70's/Dark Ages), my first job out of high school was at a suburban Detroit weekly newspaper creating an editorial cartoon and doing ad layouts. That was when cut and paste meant exacto knives and glue or hot wax.

"Over the years I was self-taught and did freelance "commercial art". In 1990, I got my first computer (Mac) to aid me in doing graphic design. A few years later, I taught myself HTML and began doing web design and HTML.

"Then - eBay came along and a friend asked me (his most computer-savvy friend) to set up and manage his eBay sales. I was very active in the eBay Community (how I met you, of course) and did some design for fellow sellers' eBay pages while doing some freelance web design and page creation.

"When eBay announced its Certified eBay Stores Designer program, I tested and became one in 2007. Since then, my main focus was doing design and branding for other eBay sellers while still doing design jobs for small businesses."

Join us for a great time of exploration, sharing, and engagement.

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