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Theresa Salhi – Empower The Dream

Theresa Salhi tells us she believes dreams can be real. She believes in playing big, taking a stand for love, having integrity, and so many more positive things. Theresa says that we all have God given value and we are here to express our own unique purpose in the world. How cool is that?

Theresa Salhi - Empower The Dream - Online Presence Perspectives

Theresa Salhi - Empowering Her Dreams

On her website, Teresa Salhi shares that she is a trained professional coach, a teacher, and a certified law of attraction trainer. She has been successful in the world of corporate management for 15 years or more now. She represents teams and clients around the world. Theresa is always passionate about her work and loves helping women close the gap. She guides them from where they are now to where they really want to be.

Theresa Salhi is the founder of Empower The Dream; her positive presence of the Internet. Her website provides thousands of women much needed resources, inspiration and useful strategies. All of this speaks to prioritizing their heartfelt dreams in their personal lives or purposeful careers and businesses.

Theresa has decided to make a difference and change the world by teaching women how to:

  • value themselves,
  • embrace their feminine power, and
  • follow their hearts' desire.

Visit Theresa and learn more at her website.

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