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Sabrina Watson – Network Live Virtually

I originally met Sabrina Watson on facebook and we quickly got into some business arrangements involving websites. Our first big project together was DIY Marketplace which, as it turned out, became the testing platform for what eventually became Network Live Virtually.

Sabrina Watson Network Live Virtually WizardsPlace

Sabrina Watson Builds Relationships

Sabrina says,

Effective business networking is the connecting of individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking, talking advertisements and customers for one another."

She explains how virtual networking is not unlike real-world networking meetings but allowing you to attend from anywhere. "Networking that works to build a business," she says, "is based on the question How can I help? and not What can I get?"

If you haven't met Sabrina Watson yet you need to head on over to Network Live Virtually and check the site out. Contact Sabrina and ask how you can get involved. You are sure to be infected by her passion, excitement, and commitment. And, if you are smart, you will get involved in something Sabrina is doing. Whether it's Network Live Virtually, Network Live TV, Mellow Monkey Media, or one of her other business ventures, you will discover how "Virtual Networking brings business networking into the 21st Century".

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