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Lynn Silva – Diversimom

I met Lynn Silva through Network Live Virtually, an online portal for personal growth and sharing. Lynn runs her business through a website called Diversimom. The tagline is "The Brain-Heart Connection For Online Business". Read more about Lynn in this post.

Lynn Silva Diversimom On WizardsPlace

Lynn Silva Is Diversimom

On her website Lynn tells she "used to really struggle at how to make money online". She goes on to say:

I’ve mastered how to balance business skills with mental strength so that even when your energy, motivation, emotional state, lack of experience, etc. is trying to hold you back, you can still master how to make money online."

Lynn is based in California but, as her website points out, she serves online business worldwide. Don't you just love the reach of the Internet when coupled with the power of a dedicated individual? That's global synergy!

On her website, Lynn Silva points out these three truisms:

  • Business skills require brain energy.
  • Personal development skills require heart energy.
  • Neuroconditioning combines both & creates POWER.

And, she says, "the end result is more money" -- which works for me!

If you want to meet Lynn, find out more about what she does -- especially how she can help your business -- and find out what that neuroconditioning thing is all about, visit her website and tell her Steve, the Wiz, sent you!

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