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Charlene Burke – Grow Because You Know

Charlene Burke, founder of Grow Because You Know, online business professional and live-streaming expert, is nothing short of a wealth of knowledge ready to share with those willing to commit to actually doing what it takes.

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Charlene Burke - Glad To Know You!

I first met Charlene Burke when she was doing a presentation on Network Live Virtually (NLV), Sabrina Watson's excellent live-streaming networking platform. While I already knew about NLV through Sabrina, it was Charlene's effective use of the time and the technology that made me want to dig in deeper.

Later, I followed Charlene to Blab and her quality presentations were the nudge I needed to get going on that service myself. In fact, this entire website is an outgrowth of that experience. Thanks, Charlene!

Charlene Burke is a professional who knows her craft and applies her knowledge with a surgeon's skill. A recent blog post on her website is titled, "A Well Defined Purpose Ensures Success". It is obvious to me that Charlene has a well-defined purpose, which she shares readily with others. It is equally obvious her own success is assured.

Charlene not only teaches Napoleon Hill's classic business masterpiece, Think & Grow Rich, she also lives it. One of the most powerful tools she offers are her Mastermind groups. You will want to check these out.

As Charlene Burke says:

If two heads are better than one, five or six can kick ass.”

Charlene explains these groups are about mutual support and discovery, through accountability and a focus on the ideal future. She goes on to share that group members:

  • encourage
  • motivate
  • inspire
  • advise

It is definitely worth your time to look up Charlene Burke on Blab, Network Live Virtually, or through her website.

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