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What Is Online Presence

What is online presence? If you have ever been online, in any way or manner, just as you are right now (unless you are reading a printed version of this), then you have an online presence. Also called a web presence, it is anything and everything you have done online or, more particularly, the on the Internet. This last bit is what takes it beyone just the "web" (World Wide Web), which is only one part of the Internet.

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What Is Online Presence

Every aspect of your online activity contributes to your online presence. There are a number of key elements that are obvious, inlcuding:

  • website and/or blog
  • social media
  • email
  • newsletter
  • audio and/or video
  • forum activity
  • Internet messaging
  • ebooks and reports
  • webinars

There are more, but this gives you some idea of the scope. Your online presence touches everywhere.

Managing Online Presence

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, speaks to managing your online presence. It provides some interesting ideas and methods you may be interested in employing. You can read their article by clicking here

Your Online Presence

You will want to keep this in mind in everything you do online. The use of keywords, that sharing of good information, ensuring your name and/or other contact information is present, all are important items to think about. What is online presence? It is all of this and more.

Weigh the value of your activities. If you are posting in closed groups or forums where you are reaching only a few individuals, most of whom are competitors, and you cannot promote, or even sign, your posts, you need to consider the real value of what you are doing.

When you post in open groups or forums, consider that these are likely indexed by Google and other search engines. Consider your words. Where possible, sign your posts with your name and/or your website, email address, or other key contact information.

You probably cannot do all these things all the time and everywhere you go online. You do not want to shirk all the places where these things are not welcome, either. But do keep all this in mind as you create and extend your online presence.

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