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Blab Thoughts On Presentations

Update: Note that Blab is no more. I have been using Zoom since it's demise and much of what is said here applies to Zoom. Search for my other posts on the subject for more detail. I have been sticking with Blab for my public presentations while many others have been bailing from the platform. There seems to be a headlong rush to find a replacement amidst rumors of shut-down or policy changes.

Blab Live Streaming Presentations

Personally, I'm sticking with Blab as long as it stays around and until they tell me my kind of presentation is no longer welcome. I find Blab to be the best platform currently available for open format public presentations such as mine.

The Blab structure allows for a variety of presentation types ranging from monologues to small group discussions. I see it much like a real-world coffee shop with four chairs around a table. Individuals or small groups can sit at the table and share. Others may gather around or lean in from their own tables to listen. Comments, and separate conversations, get shared around the room. That's Blab.

My "Focus Friday" session last week started a new series on Internet Marketing and seemed to be well received. WordPress Wednesday and Motivational Monday (currently: Law of Attraction series) round out my 3 weekly presentations, each held at 1:00 p.m. ET, and running for about an hour. They are always free.

Interaction is good at my sessions, spammers are few and far between (thank you Cindy!), replay views are better than I would have thought, and after "air" engagement is significant. For me, that works just fine.

Blab Live Streaming WizardsPlace WordPress

Blab Changes

Blab stopped developing tools for professional presenters as that isn't the direction they want to take the platform but, as far as I know, they haven't restricted site usage at this time. And I find many of those tools unnecessary or distracting anyway.

Blab works for me. It just works. Performance is good and technical issues are minimal these days. Your mileage may vary.

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