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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the Online Presence Perspectives Frequently Asked Questions page (with answers, of course!) where we post the questions most often asked so you can quickly find the answer(s) you need. We hope you find it to be of help.

Q: What is Blab?

A: Blab is an online live streaming video presentation resource that allows up to four people at a time to participate in a show while any number of others watch. The show host controls the other three seats and can invite, reject, or remove others. Watchers can request to participate. It makes for interesting, sometimes informative, sharing, informative, instructional, or just fun sessions. Blab is free to use. Find it at http://blab.im/.

Q: What is Zoom?

A: Zoom is another online presentation resource. This one can have multiple participants (25 or more depending on the level of the account. Participants join a room which can support audio and video presentation and discussion, screen sharing, video sharing, and other features. A little like Hangouts but generally better performance. Find Zoom here: http://zoom.com/

Q: Do you have shows on Zoom or Blab?

A: Yes we do. Co-hosts Steve Henry and Kat Sturtz host weekly blabs together. Both Steve and Kat also have their own independent schedules. See the sidebar to the right for some of our regularly scheduled presentations.

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