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Building a list of thousands may seem daunting and impossible, but it is something that can really happen if you know exactly what to do. The truth is that acquiring newsletter subscribers, known as list building, is actually easy to do, can be set up quickly, and can make you lots of cash if you know how to treat your newsletter subscribers correctly. Below, I will be teaching you how to build a list of thousands within a few months.

Newsletter Subscribers WizardsPlace Add Thousands

How To Add Newsletter Subscribers By The Thousands

  • An effective squeeze page
  • A well designed squeeze page is the most important thing to have. It is the point where potential subscribers make the choice to subscribe or not. If your squeeze page is simply boring, has poor content, or fails to appeal to your target audience, you won't get people to sign up to your list. You need to make sure that you talk about what they are going to get, how they will benefit from it, and exactly what they can achieve with what you are giving them. By letting them know about what they are going to achieve, you can be sure to get more people to sign up.

  • Look at top marketers
  • Try looking at some of the squeeze pages used by the top marketers you know. If you look at them, you will notice how appealing they look and how eye catching they are. This is what you need to do when building your own squeeze page, and it is in that manner you can attract your visitors the way the top marketers do. If you are having trouble with design, there are many good free templates available or you can hire a designer to create something custom. You may need to speak personally with an online presence consultant to get the information you need. This is one place you don't want to rely on guess work or a well-meaning, but ill-informed friend.

  • Rank High In Search
  • Ranking the squeeze page high is search can help make sure that more and more people will be visiting your squeeze page. Creating a squeeze page as just another regular page on your website is generally considered not such a good idea because people will just click away to the rest of your website. By using a unique website, or isolated page (ie: no headers, footers, or menus), for your squeeze page, many people will sign up because all they see is what you have to offer them and the subscription form. With no other easy exit it is easier for them to commit to the subscription.

Those three tips are extremely powerful. Anyone who tries them out and applies them properly is surely going to build a list of thousands within a just few weeks.

Remember, any web page, and especially a squeeze page, needs to answer these three questions within the first few seconds of your prospect's arrival:

  1. Who/What is it?
  2. What is it about?
  3. What do I get?

Answering all three questions is important, but the last one, which is basically, "What's in it for ME?" is the most critical.

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