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Done For You Service Packages

WizardsPlace Maintenance & Service

WizardsPlace Service Packages GoldSubscribing to any WizardsPlace service package will elevate your membership access to Gold level for as long as you maintain the packages subscription. Upon expiry or cancellation you will be returned to the highest level for which you qualify. Maintenance and service packages have no contract period and may be cancelled at any time.

Available Done For You Service Packages

Basic Services | 1-2-3 Tri-Pak | Maintenance 1 | Maintenance 2

The Wiz offers a selection of done for you service packages that provide rapid response and save you money over time. From basic site management to content creation and search engine optimization, select a package that best suits your needs. Basic details are provided below. Click the links above to jump immediately to the relevant section of this page. Need more information about our plans, or want to discuss your needs with the Wiz first? Email: thewiz@ourhutch.com.

Don't Let The Techie Stuff Hold You Back!


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Basic Done For You Service Packages

Through the WizardsPlace website, the Wiz offers a number of basic done for you services in support of your online presence. Whether you are looking to blog for fun, or build a sustainable online business, Wiz's basic maintenance, content creation, and search optimization services will help get you started on the right path. Basic services for basic needs. The Wiz can help you today.

Wizard Place Service Basic

Maintenance Service Basic

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Manual Service Backups
  • Automated Weekly Updates
  • Extended Website Security


Wizard Place Content Basic

Content Creation Basic

  • Quality Niche Content
  • English First Language
  • 2 Blog Posts Per Week
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Editorial Calendar


Wizard Place Search Basic

Search Optimization Basic

  • Standard On-Site SEO
  • Keywords, Titles & Metas
  • Optimization For Images
  • Internal & Off-Site Linking
  • White-Hat SEO Practices



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Wizard Place Tri-Pak Basic

1-2-3 Service Basics Tri-Pak

  • Maintenance Service Basic
  • Content Creation Basic
  • Search Optimization Basic
  • All Required Plugins
  • Dashboard Training Videos


WizardsPlace Services Tri-Pak Basic

Need more than a single service? Take all three and save. The WizardsPlace Services Tri-Pak provides all three service packages: Maintenance Service Basic, Content Creation Basic, Search Optimization Bassic.

Get all the features of each individual package for a total price less than the sum of the three. Additionally, search optimization will be tied to content creation, and maintenance updates, security, and backups will be extended to the entire package. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

Plus an exclusive bonus extra. Included in the WizardsPlace Services Tri-Pak Basic you will receive the WordPress Video User Manual installed in your WordPress dashboard. This set of 60+ tutorial videos guide you through using all the features and functions of your WordPress site. You will discover features and functions that have been there all along but haven't been obvious.

The Video User Manual is a must have for any serious WordPress blogger, or website administrator. A $27.00 per month value, these videos will remain active for as long as you maintain your subscription. They update automatically to match all new releases of WordPress so you will never be behind with this powerful resource.


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Wizard Place Service Basic

Extended Maintenance 1

  • Maintenance Service Basic
  • Fixes & Backup Restoration


Extended Maintenance Package 1

WizardsPlace Extended Maintenance 1 includes all the features and services of Maintenance Service Basic plus any other maintenance work including site repairs, fixes, and backup restoration. Price includes additional maintenance up to two hours per month. Additional hours charged at $60.00 per hour.


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Wizard Place Service Basic

Extended Maintenance 3

  • Extended Maintenance 1
  • Plus Website Development


Extended Maintenance Package 2

WizardsPlace Extended Maintenance 2 includes all the features and services of Extended Maintenance Service 1 plus any website development work including page additions, new plugins or theme (exclusive of premium product cost), graphics creation, forms, opt-ins, etc. Price includes additional website development up to two hours per month. Additional hours charged at $100.00 per hour.

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