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Eight Ways to Use Video Marketing

There are more ways to use video marketing than are listed here, but these are some great ideas to use when you’re getting started with using videos for marketing your business. Let’s go over these ideas to help you figure out how you can fit them into your marketing mix. (more…)

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Video Marketing Tools That Work

Finding tools to help make video marketing easier is important. Making videos can be time-consuming, but the payoff is incredible. Video is shared more often than text, and you can turn almost anything you have previously written into a video to share and market to your audience with just a little thought and effort. Having […]

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12 Types of Video Marketing

When you embark on video marketing it’s important to use many different types of videos in your video marketing mix – just like when you start blogging. You want your audience to get excited about tuning into your videos because they know it will be well made, understandable, and not always exactly the same. (more…)

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A Photo Studio In Your Home

Home photo studio equipment used to be very expensive but in the past few months the prices has dropped dramatically. A complete studio with backdrop (with stands), and quality lighting, is now less than $200.00. You can affordably convert any suitable space into a professional quality photo gallery suitable for still photography or video. (more…)

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Photo/Video Lighting

PBL PHOTO STUDIO 42″ REFLECTIVE UMBRELLASOFTBOX by PBL, PHOTO LIGHTING UMBRELLA,SET OF TWO LIGHTING UMBRELLAS Get soft, even lighting for your photo and video shoots with these new PBL 42″ Reflective Softbox Umbrellas. The units sets up just like an umbrella. There is no need to worry about losing parts as these are one piece […]

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