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Some Thoughts On Plugins

Plugins are one of the four parts of the WordPress system. Most WordPress self-hosted websites and blogs will have at least a few. There are free plugins and premium (you pay for them) plugins available from many sources. You really should consider the source. (more…)

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WizardsPlace Understanding WordPress Plugins

Understanding WordPress Plugins

Way back when IBM PCs were fairly new and the first clones where hitting the marketplace, I provided in-home setup, service, and training for the critters. I would often get to a home to find a brand new computer taking over the dining room table with disks and manuals spread around it. The first question […]

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Understanding WordPress Plugins: A Handy Guide

No doubt, you probably use a smart phone. What do you do when you would like to access something new on your phone like a new game or tool? Why, simple… you download and install an app! An app, short for application, is a little piece of software that is easy to install and adds […]

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