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Business Blogging Creating Your Blog Voice

This week’s Business Blogging session on Blab was about how to create the blog voice for your business. It’s both a term and a process that many people struggle with. Below are the notes from our discussion. Introduction Before launching your business blog you should decide what kind of voice it’s going to have. If […]

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Business Blogging Engaging Your Customers

customer engagement is the new paradigm. The term is becoming as prevalent in business blogging as the ubiquitous Content Is King phrase we have all heard. Through business blogging engaging your customers has never been easier. What follows are some small business blog ideas to get, and keep, your customers engaged. (more…)

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Business Blogging: Best Traffic Resource

Blogging, on its own, is hands-down the single best traffic resource, and the most effective method of traffic generation, for your business. When coupled with a strategic search optimization plan, business blogging is unbeatable by any paid traffic source, and it out strips any single social media site by a landslide. When you add social […]

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Business Blogging – The Book

The newly released updated and expanded version of Business Blogging — the focus book for our 10-week Blab series on Motivational Mondays (1 pm EDT) is now available in the WizardsPlace book store. http://wizardsplace.com/wizardsplace-online-bookshop/ (more…)

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Business Blogging – Before You Begin

Every business needs its own blog. A business blog offers an excellent touch point between you, your business, and your customers. Business blogging is easy and inexpensive and can, in fact, be the best vehicle for extending your market reach. Couple correctly with a comprehensive social media marketing program, a business blog can be the […]

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Business Blogging Series On Blab

For ten weeks, starting on Monday, April 11, 2016, our Motivational Monday sessions (1:00 p.m. EDT) on Blab will be dedicated to the topic of our new Business Blogging series. We have planned the following weekly sessions (listed below) and each session will run for about one hour. (more…)

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