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WizardsPlace Basic Blogging Basics

Basic Blogging – Getting Started Right

Blogging is a way for people to express how they feel on the internet but it can also be a great way to make money. Even if you may not see it as a way to make money, basic blogging is still something that you can do as a fun hobby. Here are some of […]

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Effective Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is important but search engine optimization (SEO) is a concern. Is it difficult? Do you need to hire it done? How much extra time does it take to apply effective search engine optimization to your blog posts. The answer may surprise you. (more…)

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How To Make Money Blogging

Bloggers have come a long way in the last ten or twelve years. Many now sustain a permanent full-time business. They do so simply by running a blog to make money blogging. Often these blogs were started by accident and were never truly intended to be a full-time thriving business. Take for example the case […]

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Blog Publication Management Calendar

Blogging is a great way to earn income, promote your business, or just have a venue to discuss your passion. One way to keep up with blogging is to create a blog publication calendar. A blog publication calendar will take into consideration important upcoming events, product launches, and other issues, helping you work in advance […]

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Spam Comments

Spam Comments – Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Does Your Blog Suffer From Spam Comments? Reader comments can be an important part of blogging or online selling but, unfortunately, they are abused to such an extent as to become almost useless — or at least so annoying that any benefit is over-shadowed by the frustration, as you may well have experienced. (more…)

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Blog Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes Happen… Blogging mistakes are common. Bloggers make mistakes all the time. But most blogging mistakes are easy to avoid, and even easier not to create in the first place. (more…)

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Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – blogging has rapidly become the primary traffic generation tool of newbie’s and advanced marketers alike. Its an easy, and efficient, way to create and maintain connections with customers, staff, colleagues, and peers and, best of all, blogging ensures consistent, and easier to link to listings, so your site can be found in […]

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Blogging For Success WizardsPlace

Blogger Vs WordPress

The two main hosted blog services are Blogger and WordPress. You will find that whenever a discussion starts about where it is best to host your blog, if you are not hosting it yourself, that these two are rated the highest. Someone always has an opinion about which one is best and they are sure […]

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