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Using Your Blog As A Business Communication Tool

These are the notes for the Motivational Monday: Business Blogging Week 4 session on Blab. Your business blog is a powerful and easy way to communicate directly with your customers. Below are several tips on using your blog as a business communication tool.

Tips On Using Your Blog As A Business Communication Tool

  1. Create a Community - Encourage your readers to share ideas and discuss topics related to your business.
  2. Elicit Feedback - Ask for feedback from your customers to get them involved and learn more about them.
  3. Frame Yourself as an Expert - Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Announce New Products and Services - Tell your readers about new products, services, and promotions.
  5. Branding - Broadcast your branding message using your blog.


Make sure that your offline customers know about your business blog as well as your online visitors. Many people don't frequent blogs and just letting them know can increase your traffic significantly. Mention your blog in promotions. Link to it in ads and on business cards. Share posts on social media. It's all about exposure leading to engagement.

If you missed the live presentation, watch the replay on Blab.

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