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Business Blogging Creating Your Blog Voice

This week's Business Blogging session on Blab was about how to create the blog voice for your business. It's both a term and a process that many people struggle with. Below are the notes from our discussion.


Before launching your business blog you should decide what kind of voice it's going to have. If you are already into your blog it's not to late. You may find help with the process in the writing you have already done. Let's examine some of the key factors involved.

The Elements of a Blog Voice

The concept of a blog voice includes the personality, beliefs, tone, style and type of content that will be displayed on the blog. Most often these are your own but sometimes you will want to create a unique voice for your blog that isn't actually you.

Your Ideal Reader

Just as when you market products or services and you develop your ideal client avatar, you need to develop your ideal reader avatar so that you can speak directly to them with the blog voice you have chosen.

Your Blog's Image

This is where good design comes in. Take a look at other blogs in your industry and get ideas for your own blog's unique image. It's not just about pretty or cool. It's about delivery and engagement. Site design factors play big into this.


You don't have to be a great writer to write a successful business blog. You just need to find your voice, be consistent, post often and regularly, and offer something of value to your readers.

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