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Business Blogging – Getting Started

A business blog offers you an ideal way to communicate with your customers. Last week we looked some of the concepts to consider before you begin business blogging. Here are some things to consider in order for you to get started.

Getting Started With Business Blogging

Here are seven things to consider when making the leap into business blogging. They may seem basic but you will want to seriously consider each of them in order to lay the foundation for your blogging success.

  • Define Your Target Audience - Know exactly who you're writing for.
  • Your Blog's Goal - Define a clear goal for your blog and a way to measure whether you've reached it or not.
  • Naming Your Blog - Choose a creative name related to your business.
  • Brainstorm Categories - Choose categories and write your first few posts.
  • Choose Keywords - Use free tools to find keywords with high search volume.
  • Design and Hosting - Decide whether to hire a hosting company or use a free platform.
  • Set Your Schedule - Decide how often you're going to blog and monitor traffic.


Always focus on engaging your readers as much as possible. When it comes to business blogging, engagement is the new black. See you next time.

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