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Business Blogging Engaging Your Customers

customer engagement is the new paradigm. The term is becoming as prevalent in business blogging as the ubiquitous Content Is King phrase we have all heard. Through business blogging engaging your customers has never been easier. What follows are some small business blog ideas to get, and keep, your customers engaged.

Engaging Your Customers Through Business Blogging

It should go without saying that your business blog should not only inform but is should also engage its readers. Informing is uni-directional. Engaging your customers is bi-directional and allows you to receive, and gain from, customer feedback.

Ideas For Engaging Your Customers

  1. Contests and Giveaways - Hold a contest and award a prize to the winner.
  2. Case Studies - Case studies show how your business helps customers and clients reach their goals..
  3. Customer Success Stories - Customer success stories provide true testimonials..
  4. Lists and Checklists - Lists are fun and easy to digest. They also encourage comments..
  5. Creative Ideas for Your Products - Teach your readers how to use your products and services..
  6. Fun Videos - Videos are a great way to entertain and engage..
  7. Infographics - infographics show content in a visual format.

Final Thoughts

Engaging your customers is an on-going process. It takes a little extra time and effort but the end results are rewarding. Take the time to think of lots of different ideas such as these, then mix them up for a never-ending variety.

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