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Business Blogging – The Book

The newly released updated and expanded version of Business Blogging -- the focus book for our 10-week Blab series on Motivational Mondays (1 pm EDT) is now available in the WizardsPlace book store. http://wizardsplace.com/wizardsplace-online-bookshop/

How To Make Your Blog A Marketing Powerhouse

60+ pages packed with ideas, information, and actionable steps you can take to successfully begin and run a profitable business blog. Covering what you need to know before you begin, getting started, and moving forward with your blogging process, chapters include:

Business Blogging - WordPress Wizard - Rev. Stephen B. Henry Phd.

  • Introduction
  • 5 Reasons For Blogging
  • Where to Begin?
  • Small Business Blog Ideas
  • Tips on Using Your Blog
  • Any Reasons NOT to Blog?
  • Create Your Blog Voice
  • Tips for Solopreneurs
  • 8 Blogging Mistakes
  • 10 Blogging Secrets
  • Increase Your Income
  • Additional Support

Researched and written by some of the leading experts in the field. Compiled, edited, and expanded by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD., known online as the WordPress Wizard. Steve is a published author, blogger, online presence developer, profession business mentor, and owner of WizardsPlace (http://wizardsplace.com/), a WordPress information and support site. You know you are getting top level information in this ebook.

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