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Business Blogging: Best Traffic Resource

Blogging, on its own, is hands-down the single best traffic resource, and the most effective method of traffic generation, for your business. When coupled with a strategic search optimization plan, business blogging is unbeatable by any paid traffic source, and it out strips any single social media site by a landslide. When you add social media into the mix by effectively coupling your blogging efforts to a number of selected social media sites, you blow the roof off.

Best Traffic Resource? Are You Sure About This?

Don't believe me? Check around. Case study after case study shows the numbers to be solid. Key marketing influencers who know their stuff aren't shy about sharing, either. Bill Belew, author, university professor, marketing expert, and business blogger, recently shared a post showing the effectiveness of strategic business blogging in allowing the solopreneur to compete head-on with corporate marketing branded giant on a level playing field.

Here are just a few of the many thousands of case studies readily available on the topic of business blogging traffic generation.

If you would like that last one in PDF format, you can find it HERE.

When it comes to the best traffic resource I do like what Bill Belew has to say. Here's what he was saying back in January 2013. It was valid three years ago and it is just as valid today. It's long. Nearly 50 minutes.

And here is a blog post by John Hawthorne that adds some useful information to the discussion.

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