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Squeeze Page Basics

As you already probably recognize, squeeze pages are produced with only one intent in mind: to acquire visitors and convert them to subscribers. All the same a little work is, and some different elements are, needed to produce a great squeeze page. A few of these components are:

1. A brief but bold and attention-getting headline.

2. Three to four bullet points which will describe a bit about the merchandise or free gift you are putting up. As a whole, a squeeze page commonly only bears one paragraph of words that may be distinguished as sales copy. In a lot of cases, a squeeze page is merely an opt-in form that bears two or three sentences of copy within the actual page.

3. A bit of audio will further enhance the charm of your squeeze page and if you're an authority, your audio will mesmerize the visitor so that he's no additional choice but to subscribe to your list. But once again, don't over do it. Utilize it sparingly. Likewise audios don't work for everybody; f it works for me, it does not mean that it will work for you as well. Test out each squeeze page. If you see that by imparting audio, your conversion levels have cut down, and then don't utilize it.

4. Sometimes a video is used to deliver the message instead of text copy or just audio. If you want SEO benefit for your audio or video content you will need to include a transcript or summary in text on the page.

One point to consider is that you should treat your squeeze page as a component of your over all sales strategy. You do not need to be a professional copywriter to author a squeeze page, but do make certain to craft your squeeze page with the same level of quality that you have utilized in crafting your other sales content.

A useful audio software that I always utilize and recommend is liteRecorder. There is a free version and it is the companion to liteCam. It is easy to use and produces quality recordings without a great deal of effort. For video production the free liteCam is a great choice for getting started. For lots more features and great performance consider Camtasia Studio.

As with all public pages you will want to apply good SEO techniques to your squeeze page(s). You will often have only one page, withe limited content, but it is still possible to get suitable placement for related keywords especially if you are in a small niche market.

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