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Joint Venture Partners

A business of your own is great but it can be lonely at the top. And, besides lonely, you have probably found that you really can't do everything -- at least not as well as what you are really good at.

You likely got involved in your own business because you were passionate about something and wanted to share that passion, that idea, that thing, with others. Being your own boss was cool too. But you also no doubt found out that you need help to make it all happen. You can hire a contractor or two for the techie stuff, maybe even a virtual assistant for the basic business housekeeping, but it's probably too early in the program to hire multiple staff and you are not keen on giving up your autonomy by bringing in a full partner either.

That's OK because there is another answer. A joint venture partner is someone who, like you, works for themselves and has a passion about a specific thing. That thing may be the same as yours or it may be some aspect of business that is compatible with, and supportive of, your own passion. Together you can do more than twice as much as you could on your own; each of you!

Finding the right joint venture partner (or even more than one) is the important part. And having the courage to ask is next. This ebook, offered here as a bonus for visiting this site, lays out succinctly and completely the things you need to consider when looking for, and choosing, a joint venture partner.

Finding JV Partners
Finding JV Partners


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