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Beavers and Builders and Members Oh My!

From time to time, authors, programmers, and businesses send me things to review. Those things range from the ordinary to the interesting, to the extraordinary. This one, an ebook by Eric Rovelto titled WordPress - Creating Visual Web & Membership sites using Beaver Builder and Insta-Member is one of those things.

A Book by Eric Rovelto

You are not likely to find this one, being an ebook, to be extraordinary but I can tell you it certainly isn't ordinary, either. And, that said, interesting seems a little weak to describe it. Words like great read, important work, and must have come to mind when considering the book and its target market: WordPress beginners or more advanced users who want to understand and use Beaver Builder, the excellent page builder from Fastline Media LLC. and Insta-Member -- both plugins for WordPress.

Creating Visual Web & Membership sites using Beaver Builder and Insta-Member - Eric Rovelto
Eric Rovelto Gets It Right

The book starts out with the basics of WordPress with chapters one through three walk us through WordPress from the basics to really getting our hands dirty. There is some nice detail here, easily navigated with the help of excellent screen captures.

Chapter four jumps into the realm of plugins - what are they and which are the good ones. There is a significant list of key plugins you will want to look at. While I don't use all of those listed, there is not one on the list I wouldn't use, either myself or with a client. That's a rare list indeed!

Chapters five and six provides a detailed look into the workings of Beaver Builder. This is one of the top five page builders available on the market today. I would call Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and Elementor (in no particular order) as three solid members of that group. You can add your own choices for the other two.

Chapter seven explores Beaver Builder add-ons. This is one you won't want to miss. There's a lot here so take your time and pay attention. In my opinion Eric has nailed it!

Chapter eight opens up the topic of membership sites and, in particular, using Insta-Member to build one. Eric nicely covers the bases and asks -- and answers -- the right questions. Check this out if you are considering setting up a membership site of your own.

Finally, the Conclusion wraps everything up and puts a bow on it.
And while there are other choices to consider (for both membership and page builder plugins) this ebook should be part of your in-depth research.

I gave this book five stars along with my brief review on Amazon.

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