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Five Important Things To Do With A New Blog

Five important things! No matter where you blog, what system you use, or what niche you decide to focus on, whatever you blog about, there are a couple of must do steps you should follow

Five Important Things

five important thingsStep One: make sure you have configured everything correctly. There is nothing worse than having done 99% of the work only to be let down by that final 1%. To ensure you have got the best fighting chance to get the most attention for your blog, you should check carefully to ensure you have configured and filled in everything that needs to be done. This includes any profile settings and, in the case of WordPress, any plugins or other information that needs to be completed. Many plugins and themes require some configuration or setup to make them usable and to keep them functioning correctly.

Step Two: pick a theme and stick with it. You will want to pick a theme that you like and install it. Making your blog stand out from the rest is a major step in retaining traffic. More importantly, if you make it yours, then you are more likely to work on it more often. And you will probably get bored with the look after a while. But don't change it. Flavor of the week is good for ice cream sales, but not for blogs. Visitors returning to your site want to feel confident and comfortable that they have found the right place.
Adding a good looking theme also makes you appear less like a spammer. Most spammers don't personalize their blogs. They often stick with a couple of default themes and don't add much personal information. Personalizing your site is a sign of professionalism.

Step Three: write some good, topical, content. When you are ready to upload the content, you should set it up to create a great archive. Initially create at least five new posts and upload them to your site. You want to have significant content in place on the day your site opens so there is something for your first visitors to see.

Step Four: promote that content! Once you have got a nice stock of content added to your site start promoting your blog in a variety of places. Consider using your posts on article sites and exchanges. Link to them from social media sites, and more. You will get more traffic if you diversify your promotions so remember to add your site to bookmarking sites. Use social media buttons to encourage your readers to do the same thing for you too.

Step Five: have fun! Blogging, ultimately, is about connecting with readers and, done properly, will give you a reader base with whom to discuss your work. But it will also allow you to express yourself, make friends, and spread your expertise all around the web. Most of all, blogging should be enjoyable, so always keep it that way, and have fun!

And that is five important thing you can do with your new blog!


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