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Effective Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is important but search engine optimization (SEO) is a concern. Is it difficult? Do you need to hire it done? How much extra time does it take to apply effective search engine optimization to your blog posts. The answer may surprise you.

Effective Search Engine Optimization Content Creation Strategy

Effective Search Engine Optimization As A Part Of Your Content Creation Strategy

Blogging For Effective Search Engine Optimization

If you do the right things in your blog posts, no matter what you are writing about, you will create posts that contain all the necessary elements of effective search engine optimization. Of course, it's up to you to ensure they have the right content for your target audience. Remember, both search optimization AND quality of user experience -- in other words, the quality of your content -- are important to blogging success.

This post was written and used in the creation of a video (click to view) on the ease of writing blog posts that embody effective search engine optimization in the content and the structure of the post itself without bothering with all the techie stuff so many SEO gurus flog in order to make search optimization seem as complicated as proverbial rocket sciend. It doesn't have to be.

Effective Search Elements Include

  • Keyword in the post title.
  • Keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Keyword in at least one image "alt" attribute.
  • Keyword in at least one heading.
  • Keyword 3 to 4 times in your post text.
  • A bulleted or numbered list.
  • About 300 words or more.
  • Flowing, easy-to-read, prose that makes sense.
  • Write with authority -- YOU are the expert.
  • Link to at least one on-site or off-site page.
  • Consider setting META information

While it is great to mix it up a little, when I write posts I like to put the image near the top of the page, often right after the break. The key, where ever you place your image(s), is to be sure the alternate text (alt) attribute contains your focus keyword.

And finally, after an effective opening paragraph designed to catch attention (and contain the focus keyword) I like to bracket the bulleted list with 2 or 3 informative paragraphs that move the narrative forward. You can write about what you know, what you want to share, what you have to say, but write with authority and stead-fast belief in the fact that you are the expert and the go-to person in your field.


Wrap up your post with a concluding paragraph. It doesn't have to be titled "Conclusion" or even a synonym of that word. It should be a title that labels the final section of your post and may even include your focus keyword. Include that focus keyword in this paragraph as well, if you need to increase your keyword density. Using Yoast SEO plugin if you have a self-hosted WordPress website or blog is a good way to check your SEO effectiveness.

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Effective Search Engine Optimization: Hire It Done!

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