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Blogger Vs WordPress

The two main hosted blog services are Blogger and WordPress. You will find that whenever a discussion starts about where it is best to host your blog, if you are not hosting it yourself, that these two are rated the highest. Someone always has an opinion about which one is best and they are sure to offer it.

Blogger Vs WordPress: So Which One Really Is Better?

Ultimately, both of these free blogging services will offer you a strong and solid base from which to build your blog. Although similar, there are a couple of distinct differences between the Blogger and WordPress platforms and you should know what they are when making your own choice.

Blogger vs WordPress


WordPress hosted services are not designed to be used for commercial purposes nevertheless many people do and WordPress has relaxed their rules on this lately.

You get a choice of themes (and without paying, you can't design your own theme) and a limited choice of plugins. You can 'map' your domain to the site, for a fee, giving you the appearance of hosting it yourself.

WordPress hosted (at http://wordpress.com) is almost identical to hosting it yourself, other than the obvious bonus of not actually needing to look after your installation. But the disadvantages of doing this, include being at the mercy of a third party site, and needing to pay for additional services that would be available without additional charge on a self-hosted WordPress site are cause for some to rethink the choice.

These extras still cost less, should you actually need them (and most do not) than buying hosting and setting the blog up yourself. And the ease of management typically out weights any limitations.

Blogger vs WordPress


Blogger is owned by Google, which seems like a plus, and is designed around ease of use. You can FTP your blog onto your own site, or host at a domain (yourblogname.blogspot.com) of your choice.

Blogger doesn't use plugins, but does let you use your own theme, within certain limits.
A huge community has been built around Blogger and, unlike WordPress, they readily allow commercial based blogs as well as non commercial, which can mean they are more prone to spam.

In Conclusion

If you really can't host your own blog at your own site you may want to play with both WordPress and Blogger to see which you prefer. The differences are slight and, ultimately, the right choice will be the one your most comfortable with. And that's the one you should use.

When considering the Blogger vs WordPress question, perhaps the only outstanding reason for using WordPress instead of Blogger is if you consider it likely you will want your own self-hosted website one day. Although moving content from either Blogger or WordPress blogs is not difficult, your familiarization with the WordPress system will make transition to a WordPress CMS self-hosted system (recommended) much easier than switching from Blogger.


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