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Using article sites to drive traffic to your blog.

When we consider the concept of blog traffic stickiness, article sites are still one of the single best ways to drive traffic and build a name as a expert, all at the same time. So how does this process tie to your own blog?

improving blog trafficWell, for a starters, if you are regularly blogging consistently on the same topic as you main site content, you should have developed a fairly good niche following you can promote into. You will then be able to use any of your longer, more coherent, posts as a starting point for your article content.

You must be willing to commit yourself, however. After all, if you are serious and want the process to work really well, there are a number of steps you MUST follow. Here are five good ones to get you started in the right direction.

Blog Traffic And Article Marketing

  1. Make sure your article is coherent. Blog posts, by their nature are supposed to be less informal than the standard 'article' – like you're having an intimate conversation with a group of friends, instead of a more impersonal discussion with your readers, but at the same time, the best blog posts make TERRIBLE articles. So a blog post that is also going to be used on article submission sites should be both interesting, and slightly more 'formal' than standard blog posts.
  2. Post your new content on your blog, and add your resource box at the end. You can make it clear that it is a free reprint if you want, or you can simply post it in a category for your reprints. That way, you can offer a feed of your reprints too, and include the link in your resource box. Also include the permalink to the post itself in your post – which means you will need to edit the post after posting the first time.
  3. Wait a month. During that month, submit the article to any bookmarking sites, and ensure that you maximize its impact by encouraging your readers to 'vote' for it too.
  4. Ensure your post is in the search engines by searching for the first line of your article. If its not in the search engines, work on getting it there – read up on site maps and other products designed to get you in the search engines.
  5. Submit your content to a maximum of 10 reprint sites. Make sure your resource box doesn't break any of their rules, and make sure that you leave comments OPEN on these posts (if you close them ordinarily.

Following these five steps won't guarantee your success in using article marketing, but they will eliminate most of the serious beginner mistakes people make when submitting to article reprint sites.


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