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Bakers Dozen 13 SEO Tips WizardsPlace

Baker’s Dozen: 13 On-Page SEO Tips

While this whole Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) thing can get pretty complicated, and FAST, it isn’t rocket science. Here at WizardsPlace, and previously at our then sister business, Hutchinson SEO, we have done a lot of work with small businesses, helping them with their search optimization and content marketing needs. As a result we have […]

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Steps for Preventing Website Hacks

It is the fear of almost anyone who has a website – from the sole proprietorship selling handmade merchandise, to corporations like Amazon. It is always a fear and always a problem. Preventing website hacks is something you must be on top of 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are a few tips you can […]

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How to Recover from a Site Hack

If you have a business long enough, someday your site will be hacked. You can put in security and monitor your site all you want but once you get popular enough, hacking is bound to happen. So whilst you need to do whatever you can to keep it from happening, it also means that you […]

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Nine Security Tips To Protect Your Website

Protecting your website security is just as important as protecting a physical store with good security. With a store, thieves only have one or two access points but with a website, it can be multiple points of entry that you must address in order to fully protect your website. (more…)

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How Important Is SSL For Your Website?

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a type of security that protects customer names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. So, just how important is SSL? It’s very important if you deal with anything to do with customer data. It'[s also becoming important for SEO now that Google is using it for […]

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Why You Should Design for Your Users

User-centric design — when you design for your users — focuses on the needs and wants of the user on every stage of the design process. The audience, purpose, and context are all filtered through the user’s experiences. Even the language is based on the user. (more…)

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Internet Forum WizardsPlace Speech Bubbles

Create and Monetize an Internet Forum

Owning an internet forum can not only bring you a consistent stream of income, it can also really boost your reputation and visibility in an industry. How do you create an internet forum and make money from it? There are three main steps: setting up the forum, getting traffic to the forum and monetizing the […]

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3 Stage Sales Funnel WizardsPlace How to Calculate Sales Conversion Rate

How To Calculate Sales Conversion Rate

In marketing terms, a conversion is when an individual acts in response to your call to action. For instance, most websites have a form where visitors are asked to sign up in order to get weekly newsletters. Any individual who signs up to the newsletter is a conversion. However, a lot more goes into it. […]

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What Does User-Centric SEO Mean?

Search engine optimization is very important to ensure that you bring plenty of traffic to your website and that your messages gets to the people you want to become your users and customers. Most people still use Google Search to find information. Google’s job is to give their users accurate search results that they’re thankful […]

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Understand the Language of Your Users

When a user comes to your website, blog, social media page or group, do they feel at home? Users should come to your online real-estate and feel as if you know them. The best way to accomplish this is to get to know the language of your users, then use that same language. (more…)

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