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Some Thoughts On Plugins

Plugins are one of the four parts of the WordPress system. Most WordPress self-hosted websites and blogs will have at least a few. There are free plugins and premium (you pay for them) plugins available from many sources. You really should consider the source. (more…)

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Pixabay Images NY Harbor Night Skyline WizardsPlace

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin

Pixabay Images WordPress plugin lets you select Creative Commons CC0 images from Pixabay, the vibrant image-sharing community. You can insert copyright free images with just a click in blog posts and website pages. The images are safe to use, without asking for permission, and paying attribution or giving credit to the artist, or linking back […]

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Facebook Groups, Choices, Administration

The other day I was asked a question about the various groups I manage and why I had them all (I think the term “so many” came up in the discussion). This is my attempt at an answer to your questions about facebook groups, choices, administration, and other group management issues. (more…)

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Author Publisher Website Effective Search Engine Optimization Content Creation Strategy

Author Publisher Website Why WordPress

I want to take a few moments to talk about websites. This is some general information but it applies directly to your author publisher website, too. And let me say first that EVERY author or publisher with a book to promote should have a website. It is the foundation of your online presence and the […]

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What Is Online Presence

What is online presence? If you have ever been online, in any way or manner, just as you are right now (unless you are reading a printed version of this), then you have an online presence. Also called a web presence, it is anything and everything you have done online or, more particularly, the on […]

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Auto Locksmiths Ecclesall WizardsPlace SEO WordPress

Auto Locksmiths Ecclesall WordPress SEO Security

A good auto locksmith for your home, especially if it is in Ecclesall, is a little like finding a good web consultant to establish security procedures for your WordPress website or blog. Knowing how to find either is important. The SEO value of the discussion comes from the term Auto Locksmiths Ecclesall. (more…)

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Bakers Dozen 13 SEO Tips WizardsPlace

Baker’s Dozen: 13 On-Page SEO Tips

While this whole Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) thing can get pretty complicated, and FAST, it isn’t rocket science. Here at WizardsPlace, and previously at our then sister business, Hutchinson SEO, we have done a lot of work with small businesses, helping them with their search optimization and content marketing needs. As a result we have […]

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Steps for Preventing Website Hacks

It is the fear of almost anyone who has a website – from the sole proprietorship selling handmade merchandise, to corporations like Amazon. It is always a fear and always a problem. Preventing website hacks is something you must be on top of 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are a few tips you can […]

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